Municipal Housing Partnership
Cross Street Condominium
Cross Street at Tuckahoe Road
City of Yonkers, Westchester County

Sprain Lake Estate
East Grassy Sprain Road
City of Yonkers, Westchester County

Project Description:
22 two and three bedroom units, known as the Cross Street Condominium, were built on land provided by the City of Yonkers and developed in accordance with the requirements of the Long Term Plan Order, as amended, entered in the case of U.S. v Yonkers 80 CIV 6761 (LBS)(SDNY). Flintlock Construction Company and Westhab of Yonkers, Inc. partnered to develop this project. It is a mixed income development of which 13 of the 22 homes are affordable to households with incomes below 100% of the Westchester County median income and sold to beneficiaries of the Long Term Plan Order.

The Housing Action Council, under contract with the City of Yonkers, screened prospective purchasers in accordance with the court requirements and assisted them through the home buying process, including securing mortgage loans.

The Housing Action Council sponsored the Sprain Lake Estate development which is also under development under the Long Term Plan Order. It is a 34 unit development of which 17 units are affordable. The Housing Action Council has secured funding from the NYS Affordable Housing Corp. and will qualify purchasers as it has with the Cross Street Condominium.

Services Provided by HAC:

Assisted the City review projected sales prices and determine their affordability.
Assessed the interest of prospective buyers through workshops and meetings.
Managed the process of qualifying prospective buyers.
Secured the agreement of lenders to provide end loans and closing cost assistance.
Coordinated the relationship between qualified buyers and the developer.
Represented the City at closings.