Municipal Housing Partnership

Cross Creek Townhomes
Oregon Road
Town of Cortlandt, Westchester County
Completed: 1993

Project Description:
40 townhomes constructed on privately owned land in the Town of Cortlandt.

The site was a failed market rate development which a private developer, Balter Properties, purchased and redeveloped as affordable housing. The site originally contained six incompleted units which Balter Properties completed, in addition to the construction of 34 new units.

The homes were marketed on a priority basis to preference groups determined by the Town with an affordability period by the Town with an affordability period of 10 years.

"Cross Creek provided an excellent opportunity for citizens in our area to purchase their first home. This success was a partnership of both public and private sectors working together. We have used the Housing Action Council for marketing, qualifying buyers, and now managing re-sales of this small affordable housing project in our Town, so we are aware of the fine quality of their professional staff."

Linda Puglisi, Town Supervisor

Services Provided by HAC:

Conducted a homebuyer's workshop, prepared and distributed flyers, etc. to assist the Town in marketing the development to the targeted households.
HAC applied for, and obtained, a $1.0 million grant from the NYS Affordable Housing Corporation.
Provided assistance in marketing to prospective purchasers.
Assisted the Town to qualify and select prospective purchasers.
On-going assistance with the management of re-sales.