11 Steps for Re-Building a Credit Record

1. Pay up all past due accounts.

Request a free copy of your credit record at annualcreditreport.com.

Make sure the credit report is accurate.

Common Credit Report Errors

  • The name of a former spouse appears on the credit record
  • The name is misspelled, the address is wrong, or the social security number is incorrect
  • Duplicate accounts are listed
  • Account information that is inaccurate or incomplete
  • The account balances are incorrect
  • Paid-off or closed accounts are reported as open
  • Outdated information is included
  • Account information does not relate to the home buyer
  • Unauthorized inquiries are listed
  • Report fails to show paid tax liens as satisfied
  • All accounts included in bankruptcy are not identified

4. Write an explanation letter.

5. Negotiate with creditors.

6. Add positive histories to the file.

7. Add stability to the file.

8. Get credit in your own name.

9. Start making payments in a timely manner.

10. Work with local merchants.

11. Open a savings account.

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